for the Face and Neck

Do you have a distracting skin growth? Are you emotionally attached to your skin growths? Yes, no, we have many options for treatment or removal.

Prevention or treatment. We cover all the bases. Fine lines and wrinkles are preventable in certain areas of the face.

Do you want to wear your favourite lip colour with confidence.  Have you always wanted to be little bit lippy? Were you more lippy than you are now? Whose fine lines are those forming around your lips? 

Acne is bad news.  It can be chronic or intermittent but always frustrating.  Scarring from chronic acne can be treated.

Have you been ignoring your chin or neck issues?  Now you don’t have to because U Cosmetic has many options to address these areas. 

Roses are supposed to be red, not your nose… or your cheeks…. or your chin!  Rosacea is a very common skin condition and can develop as we get older.   

Lifestyle, genetics, sun exposure – what do these have in common? They can affect your skin. Sun damage isn’t only skin deep. Those UV rays cause increased loss of collagen and elasticity causing lines and wrinkles and loose skin.

Are freckles, lentigines (brown spots), uneven skin tone, dull complexion, melasma (hormonal discolouration), large pores de-railing your efforts to look how you feel?

The masseter (chewing) muscle is the strong muscle that is used when grinding your teeth. It can also give the jawline a bulky appearance.