Injectable Wrinkle Treatment
Safe and effective way to prevent wrinkles for positive aging

Soften or prevent lines between the eyes, around the eyes “crow’s feet”and forehead lines.  Injectable Wrinkle Treatments can significantly prevent the signs of aging.

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Even complexion and with no downtime

Reds and browns getting you down?  Photorejuvenation can even things out for you with no downtime.  Come and see us to plan your fall treatment and we can get you through summer with great skincare options.

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Laser Hair Removal
Save enough time in a year to equal two weeks of vacation by not having to shave

We do LASER HAIR REMOVAL all SUMMER long because your hair doesn't stop growing in the summer does it?  And we use a LASER not just an IPL.  

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Cooling technology to noticeably eliminate fat

COOLSCULPTING will give you your SUMMER body now with no downtime!  Call now to book your complimentary consult today.

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Be in control. Refresh your appearance with fillers.

See natural-looking instant results with filler treatments by Dr Sangers.  With no downtime, facial filler injections restore facial volume, reduce the appearance of wrinkles or enhance areas such as the lips to give you the perfect pout.

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Meet Dr. Sangers & Staff

Dr. Caroline Sangers

Dr. Sangers completed medical school at the University of Ottawa in 1996 and received her family medicine degree from Queen’s University in 1998.  Since then she has been practicing occupational/family medicine at the military base in Kingston, initially as a serving member and now as a civilian provider.  Dr. Sangers practiced emergency medicine at the Perth and Smiths fall District Hospital, Smiths Falls site for over 16 years. Learn More